Rickkert Reviews: Shaded – _002

_002 marks the second installment of UK pop bands Shaded their project titled “A Year Of You which is said to include over 20 songs. But for now we have to make due with the 10 that are featured on both _001 and _002. And in this review I will only focus on the 5 that are featured on _002.

When I first read about shaded their AYOY project, it reminded me of the “Weekend Eps” by “Forever The Sickest Kid” which never made it passed the first one, but I was pleasantly surprised the band had a more solid approach than that and hey they made it passed the first one.

But enough joking around, the premise of AYOY is a very creative approach to releasing music and worth of applause.

As expected with the Eps fitting with a bigger project the bands sound has not changed between _001 and _002 which is a good thing since this makes the eps fit into a bigger narrative.

Opener “Comedy” brings the smooth and catch pop tones you can expect for “Shaded” while “Unavailable” goes with the same theme put introduces more synths to the mix and a different flow.

On to my favorite on this album “Still A Stranger”. Opening with a soundbite and then luring you in with its smooth synths, the song has a chorus which is stuck in your head, a trend which is followed through on “Ur So Good”.

The beats on “Never!” give a darker feel after the sweet pop tones that quickly bring you back to those same pop tones. Lastly there is album closer “I Still Miss U” which contrasts starkly with the pop tunes on the EP by stripping the electronics and going with a more emotional tone.

Lyrically the band explores one theme excessively, relationships, heartbreak, and love.

While I like the relaxing and smooth tones that 002 features, with some tones screaming summer time. I miss a more punchy song to change things up, but that doesn’t really feel like Shaded there style. Where the band really shows their strength are the pop hooks and mellow vibes.

Songs of _002 you should check out

“Still A Stranger”

“Ur So Good”

“I Still Miss U”    

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