Release Radar #68

Its time for release radar once more! Let’s get started

Something More – VIAL

Opening with fuzzy guitars and upbeat drums, the song quickly introduces its vocals into the mix. Keeping with its bubblegum feel the song holds the same steady rhythm through both the verse and choruses, only slowing down at the bridge before introducing an instrumental section. The song ends with one last chorus.   

Lyrically the song talks about dreams of wanting more and a feeling that you not there yet.

What I like about this song is the bubblegum punk vibe it gets, making it a happy sounding summer song.

Chemical Burn – Wave break

Starting of with loud guitar and powerful vocals, the song adds drums into the mix on the first verse. The chorus takes things a little slower before introducing the same powerful vocals as the opening. Going in a slightly slower direction on the second verse the songs chorus contrasts this time, with its loudness. The tail end of the song consists of a lengthened and slower version of the chorus.    

Lyrically the song talks about mixing Chemical, but this feels like a metaphor for a relationship and getting the worst out of each other.  

What I like about this song is the vocal style and the old school emo/pop punk feel it gives me.

Shadowplay – Emma Blackery

Opening with a lone piano, the song quickly introduces electronics and Emma her vocals into the mix. Going with louder drums and distorted guitars on the chorus, contrast with the electronic based instrumentation on the verses. The second chorus re-introduces the guitars once again and shows of the vocal power of Emma. Going softer on the bridge gives the last chorus its punch before ending the song.

Lyrically the song talks about the outside perception of Emma in a round about way.  

What I like about this song are the overall pop hooks that are featured on the chorus.

LA girls – Luxe

Kicking of with loud drums and quick guitars, the song flows from the first verse to the chorus. Going with the same flow on the second verse the song blasts by keeping its drums and guitars as the main instrumentation. Changing things up on the bridge, the song goes softer and puts more emphasis on the guitar. The song ends with one last chorus.  

Lyrically the song discusses heart break and relationships gone wrong  

What I like about this song is the 2000 pop punk feel, Luxe is a perfect fit in the new wave of pop punk

Sugar Fever – Jason Waterfalls

Starting right of with the vocals and guitar, the song slowly adds an electronic instrumentation into the mix. Going full blast on the chorus, the song adds guitars, synths and drums into the mix. The second verse goes back to dreamy tone, contrasting with the chorus. Taking things a level louder again on the bridge, contrast with the soft introduction of the last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about the protagonist’s infatuation with a girl

What I like about this song is the mix of electronics and guitar, as well as the contrast between the chorus and the verses.

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