Rickkert Reviews:Charlotte Sands- Love and Other Lies

Charlotte seems to clear her conscience on her newest Ep, as the title suggest mostly dealing with love and relationships.

The Ep opens on the positive side with Charlotte describing her struggles with falling in love and wanting to be with someone. But the catchy optimism soon makes place for an emotional hangover which is described on my favorite song “Bad Day”

Charlotte’s struggles with love, continue on a song that wears its influences on its sleeve. “All My Friends Are Falling” describes her struggles with her hookups and an ex she has broken up with.

“Dress” shows her new confidence and describing her crush with some references to Harry Styles wearing a dress.

The darker sounding “Keep Me Up All Night” deals with a new broken heart and her loss of trust in love, which also can be felt by the sudden change in vibe on the song, in contrast to the first half of the Ep.

Title track “Love And Other Lies” keeps with the sad feelings of starting in the last song, but the broken hearts make place for a sense of nostalgia to a simpler time and a reflection on her childhood.

Her upbeat pop punk returns on closing track “Every Guy Ever” on which she is throwing shade on every guy that ever broke her heart or betrayed her.

The emotional themes of the album are recognizable for almost everybody, as its rooted in love and broken hearts, but it truly feels like an arc of dealing with these emotions throughout the Ep, this all is given shape an a catchy new form of pop punk, which is more than fitting for its subject matter, all I can say is that the songs stay this catchy, but get more positive on future releases.

Songs of “Love and Other Lies” you should check out!

“Bad Day”


“Every Guy Ever”      

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