Rickkert Reviews: Farhampton-The Lives We Leave Behind

Chicago pop punk band Farhampton  has released their second Ep “The Lives We Leave Behind” which means that it’s four years since the release of their first Ep and makes me wonder how the band has grown in those four years.

Opening track “Resilient” pulls you in with is fast guitars and hopeful lyricism already hinting at the overall theme of the ep. Showing that the band knows how to put some pop hooks in, “Something’s Missing” has you moving and singing along with its bittersweet chorus. The more emotional tones of “Portland” are next. Lastly there are “(Don’t) Count me out” which combines hard-hitting instrumentals with love driven lyrics, and to end the title track “The lives We Leave Behind”  

The five tracks of the 20-minute album all revolve around the same theme, moving on to better things, and the band surely seems to be doing just that.

While the band didn’t break any new ground with this ep, they have put out a list of absolute bangers and certainly changed their neon flavor of pop punk into something more modern. I’m excited to see what the next four years will bring for “Farhampton”

Songs of “The Lives We Leave Behind” you should check out


“Something’s Missing”

“(Don’t) Count Me Out”   

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