Rickkert Reviews: Softcult- Year Of The Rat

After, their success with “Courage My Love” the Arn-Horn Sister started a new project with which they recently released their first Ep. I Ask, Which sound are they going for with this new project.

On “Year of the Rat” the sisters take on a slew of subjects revolving around their own experiences with Sexism, Misogyny, and Objectification. The Eps centerpiece is to take on the Patriarchal world.

The Ep is toned a lot darker than their “Courage My Love” work and gives a more grunge and post-punk vibe. The softly sound and Hazy vocals create a new soundscape which mixes bittersweet with the lyrically content that is featured on the Ep.

Their sound on this project seems to be more Melancholy and dark than expected but still holding as soft and emotional edge. Everything on this album seems to revolve around the sister’s conviction the make positive changes and stand up against Injustice.

From the Grunge-bubbelmgum tones on “Another Bish to the dark and chilling tones of “Take It Off” as well as the tender sounds of “Bird Song” it’s clear their sound has evolved from the more poppy tunes of “Courage My Love” and I would recommend this bittersweet Ep for the slower mornings, importantly do pay attention to the lyrics.

Songs of “Year of The Rat” you should listen to

“Another bish”

“Gloomy Girl”

“Young Forever”

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