Rickkert Reviews: Story Untold-nx future

NX Future marks the first full release for Canadian Pop Punk band “Story Untold”, in their new line-up as a duo. The duo did released some singles throughout 2020, did they keep the same energy or did the band reinvent themselves?

When you look at the tracklist of the Ep you already can see the band is going with a new aesthetic which translates itself in the o in the songs titles being replaced with the letter X. It reminds me of the naming convention used by bands in the myspace era.

The first song of the album already shows the bands new musical direction, the band has mixed their Modern pop punk sound with the more electronic based nature of Emo Rap/ the current wave of pop punk.

Janick his new vocals style has a more rap influenced flow to it, but the band still offers plenty of guitars and drums to rock out to.

Lyrically the Ep is a lot more emotional toned than earlier releases of “Story Untold” The bands seems to have matured their sound from a more goofy form of pop punk to the modern emotional kind. With songs focusing on a sour relationship with one of the band members father, but also focusing on young optimism. Mixed with songs about failed relationships and broken hearts.  

With songs like “gxne by 27” and “cxmfxrt in stangers” the band shows off this new mix of sounds. The band shows an overall darker feel and vibe on songs like “BMTH shxw” on the same song the band also has a guest feature from “Elle Lapointe”

With this new sound and aesthetic the band has made their comeback and showed their willingness to adapt. I’m more than exited to see what the future brings for this new story untold even if they think there isn’t one.

Songs from the Ep you should listen to

“gxne by 27”

“BMTH shxw”

“all I knxw is I’ll never knxw”

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