Release Radar #55

Its time for an all new release radar, let’s jump in to this week’s releases

Games – Tessa Violet ft Lovelytheband

Games – Tessa Violet ft Lovelytheband

Opening with Tessa her vocals accompanied by slow beats and static effects. The songs dreamy opening quickly gets more energetic on the chorus, adding drums and guitars as well as Mitchy his vocals. The second verse follows the same structure as the first but is sung by Mitchy. The second chorus is opened by Tessa going for more vocal energy on the bridge, Mitchy and Tessa their vocals play center stage during it. The song ends with a lengthened chorus.  

Lyrically the song talks about the games being played with a relationship and that there is being toyed with the protagonist  

What I like about this song is the vocal chemistry between Mitchy and Tessa as well as Tessa her way of combining loud and soft parts

Walking to Work – DE’WAYNE

Walking to Work – DE’WAYNE

Starting with some vocal effects the song quickly introduces guitar, synths, and beats. DE’WAYNE his vocals sound a little further away before they quickly flow through the chorus. The Lyrical deliveries get faster and faster on the verses to then slow down a little on the chorus. Going for more effects on the bridge the song keeps with its quick flow to get back to the chorus and playing itself out.   

Lyrically the song feels like a call out to everyone that ever underestimated the protagonist.  

What I like about this song is the overall flow and the summer like vibe I get from the instruments.

Parallax – Another Now

Parallax – Another Now

Opening with some eerie electronics the band quickly adds its drums and guitar to the mix. Vocally the band kicks I to high gear with more grunting vocals. Going with clean vocals on the chorus the song seems to take a breath before kicking back with the pounding drums and heavy guitars to accompany the growling vocals. After the second chorus the bridge takes the song into a more electronic direction and then flips again to an acoustic section. The song slowly introduces groups vocals before alternating cleans and grunting. The song ends with the last of the clean parts.  

Lyrically the songs seems to describe decay and mental problems from the view of a machine.  

What I like about this song are the heavy-hitting instrumentals and electronic effects sprinkled throughout the song.  

Bankrupt- Silverstein

Bankrupt- Silverstein

Kicking off right at the start the vocals kick off the song and are accompanied by loud guitars and heavy drums. The chorus takes it slower, giving the second verse the changes to go even harder. The vocals on the chorus are more choir-like. Going minimalistic with the instrumentation on the bridge the song kicks up its guitars and growling vocals once again before ending with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song seems to talk about the struggle of making money in the world of music. Describing a feeling of coning and feeling morally bankrupt.  

What I like about this song is how the heavy verses contrast with the slower chorus.

Silence Is Golden – Trash Boat

Silence Is Golden – Trash Boat

Opening the song with screaming vocals and heavy guitars, the song builds its tension on the first verse with slower but still heavy guitars and the chorus being introduced by whispering vocals. With more vocal flow on the second verse the second chorus is introduced more abruptly. The bridge goes with the screaming vocals and breakdown instrumentation again slowly building up with slow and heavy guitars. The song ends with one last chorus.  

Lyrically the song talks about the impact of media and how silence is to prominent ending with the line “Silence is golden to those who control it”

What I like about this song are the harder hitting instrumentals showing a mix of Trash Boat’s roots and the direction “he’s so good”  

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