Release Radar #47

It’s time for release radar, let’s take a look at this weeks fresh tunes.

Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique – Ok Cool

Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique – Ok Cool

Opening with mathy guitar riffs, the song quickly adds dual vocals to the mix going in pitch with the upbeat instrumentals. The band takes it a little slower on the verses with only one vocalist and light drum and guitar on the instrumentation. Ending the song there is an instrumental section showing the full range of drums and guitar on the song.

Lyrically the song talks about a range of experiences, such as being queer getting cat called and the two-faceness of performative allyship.   

What I like about the song is the upbeat tempo and light guitar riffing, that seem to contrast the more serious lyrical content, sonically  this song reminds me of “Two Door Cinema Club”  

Colour Looks Good On You – Bronnie

Color Looks Good On You – Bronnie

Kicking right of with acoustic guitar, vocals and shaking instrumentation. The song has a quick flow going from the opening verse into the chorus., on which the band adds some extra instruments. Going for a slower vibe on the second verse, the band kicks it up again on the chorus. Changing things up on the bridge the band even goes with full acoustic guitar vocals. The song ends with an all out chorus that slowly removes the instrumentation into a fade out.

Lyrically the song talks about the one that got away, going into some of the experiences and wishing the other side happiness with their new-found love.  

What I liked about this song is the relaxing pacing and I already said this a thousand times but I just like Bronnie her voice. Furthermore, there is the mass added by the extra instrumentation on top of the acoustic guitar which makes for a better chemistry with the song.    

Uzumaki – Softcult

Uzumaki – Softcult

Opening with slow and smooth guitars, the song takes thing slower with a more drum orientated instrumentation on the first verse, before going out with louder instrumentation on the chorus. The second verse takes it slower again, contrasting with the louder choruses. To end the song the band fades out with radio static giving of an eerie vibe.

Lyrically the song deals with abuse and the vicious cycle that goes with it.

What I like about this song is the soft electronic vibe and use of synths on top of guitars. Sonically it reminds of early PVRIS.   

Will it Tear Us Apart? – Airways

Will it Tear Us Apart? – Airways

Starting off with fuzzy guitars and even fuzzier beats, the song adds vocal flows into the mix. Going with some more drum and guitar on the chorus, that quickly alternates with the soft parts. The second verse goes with the same style as the first one, but adds some more synths before going back to the chorus. The song ends with a more guitar heavy chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about losing interest in each-other and loss of communication tearing apart a relationship   

What I like about this song is the overall fuzz, giving the song an overall garage-rock vibe, with a fitting vocal flow.      

Missed Call (27) – 408

Missed Call (27) – 408

Going with typical pop punk guitars on the opening, the chorus takes things a notch faster and introduces raw vocals into the song. The song flows into a chorus like, section before changing the song up to a different instrumentation going back with the same flow as the opening the song is played out by the guitar.

Lyrically the song talks about cutting someone off and the pain they have brought, digging the protagonist back in.

What I like about this song is the combination of raw vocals, fast guitars and blasting drums, a perfect modern Pop Punk Sound.

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