The Maine: The Mirror tour

the maine @patronaat 7-2-2020

The Maine played at the Patronaat last night. After seeing the Maine play on their “You Are Ok” tour last year I was excited when they announced they were coming back to Europe for their “the Mirror tour” and as the cherry on top they brought support from “Stand Atlantic” which I have seen twice before as the supporting band for State Champs.

stand atlantic @patronaat 7-2-2020

First let’s put the focus on Stand Atlantic

Stand Atlantic are an Australian pop punk band, established in 2014 the band currently consist of vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, guitarist David Potter and drummer Jonno Panichi. On tour, they are joined by bassist Miki Rich.

The band has currently released one EP and one album “Sidewinder” in 2017 and “Skinny Dipping” in 2018.

The band has also been touring with bands like Waterparks, As It Is and Neck Deep

During their 45-minute set they filled the stage with energy, playing songs like “Chemicals”, “Lost My Cool” and “Hate Me (Sometimes)” getting the crowd moving so much that the floor was shaking.   

And now to the Maine event

The Maine are an American alternative pop rock band, being founded in 2007 the band currently consists of vocalist John O’Callaghan, guitarist Jared Monaco, guitarist Kennedy Brock, bassist Garrett Nickelsen and drummer Patrick Kirch, on tour they are joined by Adam Simons on Keyboard

The band has released 7 studio albums “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” (2008) “Black & White” (2010) “Pioneer” (2011) “Forever Halloween” (2013) “American Candy” (2015) “Lovely Little Lonely” (2017) and most recently “You Are OK” (2019)

They have also been touring with bands like Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade and State Champs. Furthermore, the band has won multiple awards, like AP Magazine Readers 2010 award for best live band and Rocksounds 2019 award for album of the year.

the maine @patronaat 7-2-2020

The Maine started their set with a bang, with visuals playing on a screen in the middle of the stage to symbolize “The Mirror” the band started off with “Slip the Noose”. As expected, form the Maine the brought a storm of energy to the stage. Getting the crowd to jump and dance along.

the maine @patronaat 7-2-2020

Other highlights of the evening included Singer John inviting a fan on stage to sing (Un)Lost with him, John playing oasis songs partly and filming himself singing with the phone of a fan. During their 90-minute set they played songs like “Am I Pretty”, my personal favorite “Tears Won’t Cry (Shinjũ)” and ended with “Flowers on the Grave”

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