Trash Boat: Bar Night

Trash Boat @patronaat

Last Monday one of my favorite bands Trash boat played at the Patronaat. I had to see them of course. What surprised me the most was that they did not play the main stage of the venue but instead played at the adjacent bar.

Before I’m going to talk about Their set let’s put a spotlight on their supporting acts

Doll Skin @patronaat

Starting with Doll Skin, Doll Skin is pop punk and alternative band from Phoenix Arizona. The band consists of lead vocalist Sydney Dolezal, guitarist Alex Snowden, bassist Nicole Rich and Drummer Meghan Herring

During their energetic performance they mostly played songs of their new album “Love is Dead and We Killed Her” most notably songs like “Don’t Cross My Path” and of course “Love is Dead and We Killed Her” and ending with a bang by playing “Puncha Nazi”

Capstan @patronaat

The second band of the evening is called Capstan, Capstan is a post-hardcore band from Florida. The band consist of vocalist Anthony Demario, guitarist, Harrison Bormann, guitarist Joseph Mabry, bassist Andrew Bozymoswski and drummer Scott Fisher.

Their 30 min set consisted of songs like “Wax Poetic”, “Consumed” and “We” ll Always Have Paris” which they played with a great amount of energy.

Trash Boat @patronaat

And last but not the least Trash Boat, Trash Boat is a British Pop punk band consisting of vocalist Tobi Duncan, guitarist Dann Bostock, Guitarist Ryan Hyslop, bassist James Grayson and drummer Oakley Moffatt.

This tour was a belated “Crown Shyness” tour to promote the album of the same name while most bands do these kinds of tours at the beginning of an album cycle, Trash Boat had decided to do this at the end.

Consequently, their set lest mostly consisted of songs from the “Crown Shyness” Album and even started with the same soundbite and song as the album itself.

Their set was about 1 hour long during which they played songs like “Controlled Burn” “Brave Face”, “Shade”,” Crown Shyness” and their recently released single “Synthetic Sympathy”

Leaving with promises of a new album, which I’m more than excited for.  

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