Airbourne: Get ready to rock

Airbourne @melkweg 15-10-2019

Yesterday Airbourne played a show at the Melkweg, the same venue I saw them two years ago. So, I took a friend to see them, but before I’m going to talk about the rock-and-roll antics of Airbourne let’s take a look at their support supersuckers.

Supersuckers @melkweg 15-10-2019

Supersuckers is an American rock band form Arizona founded 1988, with 11 studio albums to their name the band have certainly earned their status as rock-and-roll veterans. The band has been going to a couple of line-up changes and Currently   consist of vocalist and bassist Eddie Spaghetti, guitarist “Metal” Marty Chandler and drummer “Captain” Chris Von Streicher. Their set was 45 minuts long during which they played songs like “Get the Hell” “Dead Inside” and “Pretty Fucked Up”  

Airbourne @melkweg 15-10-2019

And now the maine event Airbourne. Airbourne is a hardrock band from Warrnambool, Australia and is often compered to their fellow country man AC/DC. The band was founded in 2003 by brothers Joel and Ryan O’Keeffe. In 2004 they released an ep called “Ready to Rock”, in 2006 the band was ready to release their first real album “Running’ Wild”.

The band currently Consists of Guitarist/Vocalist Joel O’Keeffe, Drummer Ryan O’Keeffe, guitarist Harri Harrison, and bassist Justin Street. The band has four full albums to their name. “Running ‘Wild. “No Guts. No Glory”, “Black Dog Barking” and “Breaking’ Outta Hell” and a collection of demos and B-Sides Called The “Diamond Cuts”. 

Currently the band is working towards the Release of their fifth album Boneshaker

Airbourne @melkweg 15-10-2019

Their set was filled with great moments from singer/guitarist Joel playing a guitar solo while riding on someone’s shoulders through the crowd to the band mixing jack and cokes on stage. During their energetic set they played songs like “Raise the Flag” “Girls in Black” “Boneshaker” and “Stand Up for Rock ‘n’ Roll with an encore consisting of “Ready to Rock” and “Running’ Wild”    

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