PUP: Falls Apart

pup @ Melkweg 6-11-2019

PUP played the Melkweg last night as part of their “Falls Apart” Tour. After a friend told me about them, I was excited to see them play live.  

Like always lets first put a spotlight on the supporting band SLØTFACE.

SLØTFACE @ Melkweg 6-11-2019

SLØTFACE is a Norwegian pop punk band consisting of vocalist Haley Shea,
 guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad, Drummer Halvard Skeie Wiencke and bassist Lasse Lokøy. Founded in 2013 the band was originally called slutface as which the new name is still pronounced. The band has only one album “Try Not To Freak Out” which was released in 2017.

Their 45 min set was filled with energy and really set the mood in there room, from bassist Lasse playing and crowd surfing at the same time to singer Haley encouraging a moshpit and crowd surfing herself. During their set they played songs like “Angst” and “Nancy Drew”

And Now to the Maine event PUP.

PUP @ Melkweg 6-11-2019

PUP (Pathetic Use of Potential) is a Canadian pop punk founded in 2010 the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Stefan Babcock, drummer Zack Mykula, guitarist Steve Sladkowski and bassist Nestor Chumak.

PUP @ Melkweg

The band was first known under the name Topanga but changed it to pup while working on their first album also called “Pup” which was released in 2013. The band released their second album “The Dream Is Over” and their latest album “Morbid stuff” was released in 2019.

PUP @ Melkweg

 There one-hour set was shorter than expected but powerful. The crowd went wild, form the first song “Morbid Stuff” to Guitarist Steve grading the jumps of crowd surfers. The band also invited an old friend to the stage to sing “Reservoir” with the band, and last but not least vocalist Stefan’s crowd surfing to the balcony and back to the stage. During their song they played songs like “Free at Last”, “Sleep in the Heat” and “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will”

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