Descendents: Still Got It

descendents @ melkweg max 10/8

Last Saturday the Descendents played at Melkweg Max as part of their 2019 world tourage and I was happy to be there.

But before we going to talk about the Decendents lets put some focus on the supporting acts.

melkweg max before the first act

The first opener where a local band called Antillectual, Antillectual is a punkrock trio from Nijmegen consisting of Willem, Riekus and Toon. Their punkrock is a combination of 90’s skatepunk and 00’s emo. They played a short set off 45 minutes

antillectual @ melkweg max 10/8

For their tour support the Descendents brought Useless ID. Useless ID is a punkrock four-piece form Israel consisting of Yotam Ben-Horin, Ishay Berger, Guy Carmel and  Corey Ben Yehuda. Their set consisted of songs from their new album “State is Burning” and a bunch of their old songs.

Useless id @ melkweg max 10/8

And then it was finally time for the Decendents, the Decendents are a punk rock band from Manhattan Beach the band consist of Milo Aukerman on vocals, Stephen Egerton on guitar, Bill Stevenson on drums and Karl Alvarez on bass guitar. The band is often stated as making one of the early forms of pop punk.   

Decendents @melkweg max 10/8

they started their set with a little talk about the opening acts and then burst into “Suburban Home” “everything Sux” and “Hope” then they had a little talk again before bursting into songs like “On Paper, “victim of Me” and “Testosterone” the also played hits like “Myage” and I’m not a punk and during “Coffee Mug” singer Milo participated in the moshpit. When the band played the song “Descendents” they proclaimed it was their last song and the band left the stage. A couple of minutes of the crowd demanding more brought them back to play an encore consisting of “I’m the one” “Bikeage” and “Smile” the band then left the stage again only to return the play a second encore consisting of “fighting Myself” “Hey Hey” and “Pep Talk”  leaving the stage having played 34 of their songs in total.   

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