Rickkert Reviews:Autumn Fires- Promises You Can’t Keep

“Autumn Fires” is on of the first bands I have discovered through reels, and I’ve been waiting for them to release more than just a single to talk about and with the release of “Promises You Can’t Keep” I finally got something more to talk about.

The bands form of pop punk, feels more bubblegum than other current acts, with some pop rock and neon influence being thrown in.

Charlotte her vocals are the biggest cause for the bubblegum feel, with them being both powerful but soft.

The first two tracks “Escape Route” and “Seventeen” seamlessly flow into each other, giving the same vibe and both focusing on the subject of love and the struggles that it can bring.

My favorite track of the Ep “Losing Sleep” shows some more of the band’s bubblegum sound, but also has a chorus that is made to be sung along. Lyrically the song still focuses on love, but also insecurities.

Then there is the track “Open My Eyes” which feels heavier than the other tracks, and has more bass in its instrumentation, this paired with a slower vocal style and a pop hit worthy chorus.  

Lastly “Small Talk” of which the opening guitar, really gives me 2000’s flashbacks, the chorus again has a clear pop hook but fly’s by quicker. Lyrically the overall theme of the Ep shines through, with the song asking a lover to stay longer.

The Ep’s songs seem to fit perfectly together, painting a story of lost love and a road to rediscovering the feeling of being in love. The band has taking some trends with pop punk and made it their own, with some pop hooks and, vocals that feel more old school, I would say keep on the good work.

Songs of “Promises You Can’t Keep” You Should Check Out!


“Losing Sleep”

“Open My Eyes”

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