Rickkert Reviews: Love Letters & Hate Mail

Hey it’s another excuse to write about “Bronnie”, but for real, ever since the Ep has been announced I’ve been more than excited for its release, more than enough reason to take in-depth look at the Ep. 

While the Ep is short, it does have a myriad of influences, ranging from horror and murder mysteries to the more cliché subjects of relationships and the struggles of growing up.

“Funeral Song” kicks off the Ep’s Tracklist and reels you right in with its instrumentation, this is also the track where the murder mysteries come to surface, with the song being from the point of view of someone that is murdered talking to their killer, which has as expected more than meaning than just the literal point of view.

“Scream” has a more poppy feel to the instrumentation, and falls more into the subject of betrayal and broken friendships.

The triad of “Love Letters & Hate Mail”, “Rabbit Hole” and “Wake Me Up When I Am Dead” has a clear target, with its subjects and lyrically content telling the story of a relationship turned toxic, getting out of a toxic relationship and being chanced by a relationship. All with their own instrumental style and influences, with “Love Letters & Hate Mail” feeling more Old school, “Rabbit Hole” being up beat and anthemic and lastly “Wake Me Up When I Am Dead” being a mix of both.  

Lastly is the acoustically driven “Skeletons” which is a hauntingly telling of dealing with the past and ends with the poem “Do Not Stand At My Grave”

Love Letters & Hate Mail does seem to have a bitter edge to the overall subject matter, which clashes with the powerful vocals and up beat melodies, but it is this clashing of feelings that also gives it it’s feeling. My only complaint about the Ep is that it wasn’t any longer, not even making the 20 minute mark.

Songs of “Love Letters & Hate Mail” you should check out.

“Funeral Song”

“Love Letters & Hate Mail”” 

“Rabbit Hole”

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