Rickkert Reviews: Trash Boat- Don’t You Feel Amazing

After two heavy pop punk albums, Trash Boat has changed things up by going into a dark alternative rock direction. let’s see if this new direction pays- off for the band.

Starting of with the tones of “Don’t you Feel Amazing?” which have a psychedelic feel to it and lyrically describes a drug trip the band already gives a feel for the album’s theme and feel.

With tracks “Silence Is Golden” and “Bad Entertainment” (feat Millkie Way) the band shows their anger, at the world and at the treatment of artist. The psychedelics make place for hard-hitting drums and heavily distorted guitars, as well as the full vocal power of Toby.

The band explores concepts of love, lust and struggles with acceptance on tracks “Love Without Needing” and “He’s So Good” the band’s storytelling mostly shines on “He’s So Good”   

Going back to the dark rock tones, with “Vertigo”, the song describes abuse and the protagonist dealing with it. Following is “Alpha Omega” (feat. Kamiyada) which describes a vicious circle fitting with the theme of violence and abuse.  

Tracks “Idios” “Cannibal” and “live like A king, Die like An Animal” all revolve around mental health and a deteriorating mental state. With that being said, “Idios” also provides a hook that keeps being stuck in your head.

The closing part of the album consisting of “All I Can Never Be” “Synthetic Sympathy” and “Maladaptive Daydreaming” focuses on self-worth, Fairweather friends and the what if scenarios running through the protagonist’sd head.

With “Don’t You Feel Amazing” “Trash Boat” certainly has taken a darker path, with heavier subject matter and instrumentation, but they tell these stories in an amazing way. I’m anxious to see how they will develop this sound in the future.

Songs of “Don’t You Feel Amazing” you should check out!

“Silence Is Golden”

“Alpha Omega”

“Synthetic Sympathy”     

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