Rickkert Reviews: As Everything Unfolds- Within Each Lies The Other.

As Everything Unfolds released their debut album last month, but did the band succeed in translating their reinvigorating take on the post hardcore to their sound? Let’s find out.

Album opener “On the inside” quickly reels you in with a combination of synths, heavy guitars and energetic vocals, but the band also takes their music into a more theatrical direction on songs like “Take Me There” and “Stranger in the Mirror”

Vocally Charlie seamlessly switches between melodic, Hypnotizing, soft to than go to raw and powerful screaming. Always fitting with the dark and poetic lyrically content which is dripping with angst. The lyrics also are focusing on emotional problems, self-doubt, and depression.   

Instrumentally the band mixes electronic, heavy guitars but also soft riffs and dreamy drums to create different atmospheres with the albums and with the songs themselves. These dreamy and dark dimensions can mostly be felt on songs like “Let Me Go” and “Stranger in The Mirror” and “Wither”. But the album doesn’t only present doom and gloom. With heavy hitters such as “Wallow” “Stay” and “Hiding from Myself”    

Their sound I can only describe as fitting with the UK flavor of post-hardcore in vain of bands like “BMTH” and “Dream State” but “As Everything Unfolds” add their own unique energy and pop sensibility. The songs just keep stuck in your head and Charlie her unique vocals style gives them an enchanting quality.

If the album succeeds in reinvigorating the genre is a matter of perspective, I think the band has successfully taken post-hardcore back to 2021 and this album seems to be a blast to hear live. I can’t wait to hear how the band takes this energy to the stage.

Songs from “Within Each Lies The Other” you should listen to

“On the Inside”


“One Last Time”  

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