Rickkert Reviews: As Time Fades- Trust Fall

Ohio pop punkers “As Time Fades” have recently released their Sophomore EP “Trust Fall” a couple of weeks ago and by their own account is the result of “Maturing their approach to songwriting” but how does it hold-up? Let’s Find out.

Opener “Marionette” starts of with an instrumental section before getting to its emotional verses. The band states they are focused on hooks and this song has no shortage of them, with that being said the song does flyby rather fast and has some tonal shifts which are unexpected. Lyrically the song talks about the aftermath of a toxic relationship and how the protagonist is dealing with it.

Second up is “Headway” its opening feels more melodic and the first verse really does hook you in. The chorus itself has a certain sing along quality. Lyrically the song shares the thoughts of the protagonist as he tries to move on but keeps being stuck in his past.

Middle track “Invisible” reminds me of an old “Neck Deep” song which is a good thing but it doesn’t break any new ground. With that being said the song does sound like it will be a blast live, especially with its easycore elements at the end. Lyrically the song keeps with the theme of “Headway” with the protagonist still being stuck in his own past.

The streak of hard-hitting songs comes to an end with the emotional opening of “Circles” but does come back in full force later on the song. The catchy guitars and pounding drums that are featured in the second half of the song are what makes it one of my favorites on the Ep. Lyrically the song deals with the aftermath of a breakup and the overthinking of the protagonist.

“Hollow” its instrumentation again feels more fitting within UK pop punk, but with that being said it does have a hook to it. In terms of instrumentation not much happens on the song, but the vocals do have a catchy flow to them. The sound may not be, entirely original, the vocals do bring across their emotion and the chorus drills into your brain. Lyrically the song talks about the hollow feeling left inside after being left heartbroken.

“Meant to be” feels like a full-blown easycore song, from its heavier guitars, pounding drums and quick vocal bars. The song feels less emotional and more fun. Again with a hook that just reels you in. Lyrically the song talks about the protagonist its feelings and how his road to figuring out live.    

Closing track “Counterweight” is more of a slow burn with its acoustic tunes and heartfelt vocals. Lyrically the relationship trouble returns and the protagonist deals with his feelings even after doing some soul-searching.

The main thread throughout the Ep is dealing with heartbreak and overthinking the past.

“As Time Fades” wears its influences on their sleeve and with the Ep I sense elements of “State Champs”, “The Wonder years” and even “Neck Deep” the band mixes these into a sound that doesn’t feel ground breaking, but is uniquely their own. In my eyes the band did active their goals of maturing their sound and pop hook.

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