Rickkert Reviews: Holding Absence- The Greatest Mistake of My Life

My introduction to Holding Absence was seeing them as the opening act for another band a couple of years ago. Since then, I have kept tabs on them, but they did fade to the background for my, but I must say that “The Greatest Mistake of My Life” did put them back on my radar once again. The question I ask this time is does the band break the sophomore slum?

The soft piano of opening track “Awake” pull you right into the album. “Awake” also serves as a build-up into the true opening track of the album “Celebration Song” which deals with life and the fast nature of existence. We should take in the things that make us truly feel alive.

One of the high points throughout the songs is the vocal talent Lucas put on display, if it’s haunting whispers, Epic bellowing or energetic screaming he seems to have it all.

The instrumentals on this album are fitting with its lyrical content being soft and guitar-less on the more melancholy parts of the song, or adding  ambient background on the more emotion driven songs.

They wisdom of displayed on “The Greatest Mistake of My Life” is packaged in pop hooks and unmistakable energy. Furthermore, the album also seems to show-off the musical talent with the Woodland Family with Lucas his sister delivering the fantastic guest vocals on “Die Alone (in Your Lovers Arms)”  

Title and Closing track, “The Greatest Mistake of My Life” is a cover with the original being preformed by Dame Gracie Fields in the thirties and another cover being recorded in the 50s by Lucas his great-uncle.

The band has done more than evaded the s sophomore slum, they have showed their roll with the future of the scene and with a stellar album at that. Many of my peers have showered the band and this album with praise and I can’t help but agree.

I’m curios to see what the future has in story for “Holding Absence”

Song of “The Greatest Mistake of My Life” you should listen to

“Celebration Song”


“Die Alone (in Your Lover’s Arms)”

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