Robin van Loenen, The Travis Barker of Dutch Pop punk?

A couple of days ago I was listening to a “Kink Fast” (a Dutch pop punk/alternative music podcast) and at some point one of the presenters joked that Robin van Loenen was like Travis Barker but for Dutch pop punk. So, let’s put that to the test and look at some stuff Robin has produced or is featured on.

Who is Robin van Loenen?

Robin was the vocalist and guitarist for pop punk band “Destine”. After “Destine” disbanded around 2015, Robin kept working with the music industry as a songwriter and producer.

The Travis Barker of Dutch pop punk?

A quick look, at  Robin his list of credits would suggest that this description is somewhat accurate. But to get a complete picture lets look at songs he has a song writing credit on or is a featured artist on, to really make the comparison.

First the songs he is featured on.

In terms of pop punk, I could only find one song he is featured on, The Spvrk- Close The Distance. With that being said there is a slew of dance tracks on which he is featured under his alter ego Robin Valo. Contrasting with this one song are over 20 songs that Travis Barker is featured on.

What about his writing credits?

There are around nine song listed with a song writing credit on Robin his website (excluding Destine songs), and there are probably some more unlisted credits, lets compere that to Travis his writing credits. It seems Robin wins in this category as I could only find around five songs that have a writing credit for Travis (excluding Blink 182 songs) 

In terms of producing they pretty much go neck-a-neck considering their metaphorical ponds.


It may be a stretch to call Robin the Travis Barker of Dutch pop punk, but his name is a bigger one with the scene and it’s true a lot of bands have had materials produced by him.    

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