Kick Me Out: No Puppets

Kick Me Out @ACU 24-1-2020

My friends in Kick Me Out have been working on the release of their Ep “No Puppets” and last Friday  it was time for their release party, for which they brought support from Switched Off and Ann My Dice.

Switched Off @ACU 24-1-2020

Switched Off

Switched Off are a Dutch grunge and pop punk band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Stan Waals, bassist Syb Meijer and drummer Loet Snijders.

The band has released one single so far “Like Suicide”

Their set was filled with grunge energy and you could see they felt right at home on the stage, during their 45-minute set the played songs like “Burned out” and “Like Suicide”  

kick me out @ACU 24-1-2020

Kick Me Out

Kick Me Out is a Dutch pop punk and metal band. The band was founded from the ashes of Deadman’s switch, the now consisted of vocalist Nienke Schimmel, bassist Rowan Maris, drummer Boudewijn Jansen, Lead guitarist Leander Van Bijnen, and rhythm guitarist Fons van Wegen.

Their set was banging from start to finish, with shredding solos form guitarist Leander and banging drums from Boudewijn, they rocked the house.

During their set they played all 4 songs of their new EP “No Puppets” aswell as some energy filled covers like All Time Lows “Weightless” and P!nk’s “What About Us”      

Ann My Dice @ACU 24-1-2020

To close of the evening Ann My Dice

Ann My Dice is a Metalcore band from the Netherlands, founded in 2012 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Nils Stok, guitarist Ian Izeboud, bassist Jorn de Kleine and drummer Tim van Vliet.

The band currently has released one album and one ep, “To Start a Journey” in 2018 and “Thorn” in 2019

During their set it was time to open this pit up!!, with heavy guitars and grunting vocals it was everything that you can expect form a good metalcore band, during their performance they played songs like “Whisper in the Dark”, “Mother Earth” and a cover of Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”

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