Rickkert Reviews: We Were Sharks- New Low

Canadian five-Piece “We Were Sharks” have released their newest album about two weeks ago. High time to share some thoughts on it.

It’s fair to say where in a pop punk revival these days and the genre is slowly splitting of in more and more branches. That being said, “We Were Sharks” keeps it simple on their “New Low” with tunes that are more reminiscent of old school pop punk and the energy to match it, while keeping a modern twist on their sound.

Album opener “Shameless” kick you right in the face with its hard-edged melodies and energetic vocals. Its pounding drums and up-beat guitars remind me of “New Found Glory” in a weird way but being modernized. These up-beat tones are with the mosheble “Bring Me Down”

Showcasing their ability to write pop hooks and the modern twist the band gives to their sound, the band presents the tracks “Problems” and right after that “Over This”

Title track “New Low” brings back the bands heavier side and certainly is mosh worthy. The band also brings back an easycore feel on “Ashley (pt.2)”

While most of the songs are presented as happy sing-along tunes, the lyrical content is much more emotional than you would expect. With the album talking about hidden sadness, depression, past lovers but also optimism, your down but not out.

The band doesn’t break any new ground with the album in terms of pop punk, but does show of a feel for catchy songs and combining the old with the new. This album is one that you just keep in rotation because the songs keep stuck in your head.

Songs of “New Low” you should check out


“Ashley (Pt.2)”


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