Release Radar #33

Looking for some new tunes to add to your playlists? If got five lined up for you, so let’s dive into this week Release Radar!



Opening with slow acoustic guitar, the first verse adds slow vocals. The chorus adds a second vocalist to the mix as well as a second acoustic guitar. The song keeps being carried by the acoustic guitar on the bridge but the vocals get a more emotional tone. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about a high school sweetheart and the memories that are linked to this person.

What I like about this song is how the acoustic tone complements the emotional nature of the vocals and the lyrics.

Dead Gurl-Auld spells

Dead Gurl-Auld spells

Starting off with full organ notes the song slowly adds more drums and bass to the mix. The calm and almost jazz like vocals give the song a strange atmosphere. The verses seamlessly flow into the chorus, with a break in the calm instrumentation on bridge where female vocals are added to the mix. At the end the song slowly fades out.

Lyrically the song describes the mystery around a dead girl, and goes on to list questions that are directed at her.

What I like about this song is how the use of the organ gives the song a unique feel, and the contrast between the lyrics and the instrumentation.

Keep Reaching-Left alive

Keep Reaching-Left alive

Kicking right in with crunchy guitars, loud drums and powerful vocals. The first verse keeps its energy but takes it a little calmer. The chorus goes all out in its instrumentation and vocal punch. The second verse much follows the same blue print as the first one but slowly down to introduce a bridge filled with gang vocals, mixing the vocals with the instrumentation the band gives one last chorus before the instruments play it out

Lyrically the song hypes up the listener urging them to never give up and Keep Reaching.

What I like about this song is the vocal energy, and as well as the flow between the bridge and the last chorus.

Change in Plans – Violet Nine ft Kellin Quinn

Change in Plans – Violet Nine ft Kellin Quinn

Starting right of with heavy guitars, pounding drums and growling vocals. The song takes it slower on the first verse but gives the vocals a prominent flow. The chorus gives some emotional vocal highs before getting into a mini breakdown to introduce the second verse. Vocally there are more carried notes on the second verse but these flow back into the chorus. Kellin’s vocals shine on the bridge of the song accompanied by electronic beats and pounding beats. On the second part of the bridge Kellin shows of his grunting, and the instrumentation gets heavier. The song ends with one last chorus on which both Tyler’s and Kellin can be heard.

Lyrically the song talks about the feeling of betrayal you get when someone you thought you know, turns out to be a different person.   

I’m Alive – The Dangerous Summer

I’m Alive – The Dangerous Summer

What I like about this song is the use of vocal effects and alteration of vocal styles. Sonically the song reminds me of early linking park, with a post hardcore edge.

Opening with the chorus the band quickly changes its instrumentation from acoustic to electric and slowly adds more instruments to the mix. The vocals sound raw but keep a relaxing tone which fits with the dreamy instrumentation on the song. The song has a seamless flow between chorus and verse and the song fades out before you know it.

Lyrically the song describes a slew of feeling and thins to want, suggesting that this makes you feeling alive.  

What I like about this song is how it’s both relaxing and dreamy but also has a quick flow to it, you dream away with this song but it’s also over before you know it.

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