Release Radar #46

Time for a couple of fresh tunes, as always lets dive into this week’s Release Radar.

He’s So Good -Trash Boat

He’s So Good -Trash Boat

Opening with calm vocals, slow strumming guitars and rhythmic drums, The song builds-up its speed on the first verse, but keeps a gentle vibe on the vocals. The verse keeps with the tide of the song and stays with the same feels. Filling the bridge are loud guitar and drums, giving it an almost breakdown vibe.

Lyrically the song describes as story of gay lovers and the struggles with the acceptance with their family   

What I like about this song is the slow calming nature, giving the message the forefront.  

Silhouettes – A Better Hand

Silhouettes – A Better Hand

Starting off with smooth synths the song changes things up with an explosion of guitar and drums to introduce the first verse. Going with more focus on the vocals and drums during the first verse, the song slowly adds back more of the guitar to build up to the vocals. The song takes it slower on the second verse but also gets back to the verse quicker. Going with some vocal effects on the bridge. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about being forgotten and not remembering someone’s face.  

What I like about this song is the combination of fast pop punk guitars, synths and pounding drums.   

Wish U Were Here – Makeout

Wish U Were Here – Makeout

The song starts of with an instrumentation consisting of acoustic guitars and electronics, as well as clap style beats. The first verse adds a more mellow vocal style and slowly builds up to the chorus. Going back to the slower style on the second verse, the song goes back to the chorus ones again but this time stretches it more into the bridge, and ends the song with a combination of the chorus and effects.

Lyrically the song talks about drowning memories and wanting to move on, going to party, just hoping to forget but instead wishing the were there. Or as the protagonist stats it “Wish U were Here.  

What I like about this song is the summer pop vibes I get from it, the band seems the step away from the punk in pop punk and go for a more electro pop vibe.

Black and Blue – Hurtwave

Black and Blue – Hurtwave

Opening with smooth synths and 808 style beat. The song slowly builds to the chorus which seems to be all in with its synthwave sounds. The second verse mellows out a little but keeps with the current within the song and quickly goes back to the chorus. The bridge is filled with an instrument that sounds like an 80 style sax. Synths and Electronic effects and gentle vocals, slowly fade out the song.  

Lyrically the song talks about being in love and asking one’s self and each other how real it actually is.

What I like about this song is the overall 80 vibe the song seems to go with, feeling like a straight up synthwave song.  

 YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED – While She Sleeps

YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED – While She Sleeps

Kicking in with fast guitars and pounding drums, the song quickly add growling vocals on the first verse. Introducing the chorus with instrumentals before getting back to the screaming vocals the song keeps up with its instrumentation of guitar and drums. Turning things around the bridge softens the vocals and instrumentation, slowly building back to the fast-phase flow of the song. Ending the song there is a combination of breakdown-ish instrumentals and soft vocals.

Lyrically the song seems to talk about a higher sense of being, talking about losing sleep, going to a higher plane and more reverences to something mystical.  

What I like about this song are the quick and rougher vocals as well as the quick and bouncy instrumentation.


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