Release Radar #45

It’s time for a new gets some refreshment into your playlists, let’s take a look at this weeks releases.

Found You Out- Mayleaf

Found You Out- Mayleaf

Starting off  with pounding drums, the first verse introduces fuzzy guitars in a stuttering pattern and vocals. The song gets out of its stutter on the chorus, but keeps its fuzzy instrumentation. Mirroring the first verse, the second verse keeps with the stuttering pattern flowing back into the chorus. The chorus gets more stretched vocals, to then introduce soloing guitars. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song is calling someone out on their bullshit, simply stating I Found You out.

What I like about the song is the slow bass filled opening contrasting with the high fuzz filled parts of the song.

Tension Headache – Those Who Dream

Tension Headache – Those Who Dream

Opening with heavy guitars and electronic effects, the drums and vocals get in on the first verse. Changing things around the pre-chorus introduces electronic vocals and synths, before going for a more traditional rock style. Putting things on their head again the band goes back into the electronic effects on the second verse. The second chorus much follows the same pattern as the first. The bridge plays with the vocals before introducing soloing guitars and re-introducing vocal effects synths and drums to end the song.

Lyrically the song talks about stress, and going down under the weight of it all.

What I like about the song is the variety of instrumentation being used, as well as the electronic vocal effects. 

Time (Live Demo) – The Radar

Time (Live Demo) – The Radar

The song opens with someone counting in, before the instrumentation goes all out with pounding drums and quick soloing guitars. The vocals on the first verse bring more of a calming vibe with them with the guitar using more sustain and slowly building back to full speed on an instrumental chorus. Mirroring the opening vocals the second verse brings back vocal before bringing the guitar back into the spotlight and ending the song with a simple “Thank You”

Lyrically the song basically talks about taking it slow and taking your time.

What I like about the song is the energy that you can feel behind it, this is one of those songs where you can feel the band has fun.

Control- Six Impossible Things

Control- Six Impossible Things

Fading in with effects, the song slowly adds piano, before both Nicole and Lorenzo her vocals can be heard. The instrumentation keeps being carried by the piano but Nicole her vocals get more time to shine. The song gets to a slower point before going alternating with the vocals and louder piano. To end the song the same fading effects is used as the start of the song.

Lyrically the song talks about losing ones self and slowly fighting back to a healthy mental state.

What I like about this song is the same thing I like about every SIT, the way Nicole and Lorenzo their vocals work together and play of each other.   

Crybaby- TASH

Crybaby- TASH

Storming in with distorted guitars, the song quickly added the vocals and teases the drums before going all out with it. The chorus gets the guitar more into a vibe. Introducing the second verse there is a short sound bite, but the song keeps its peace and is back at the chorus just as fast. Getting slower for a second at the bridge, the last chorus goes even harder with swinging and fuzzy guitars.

Lyrically the song talks about the protagonist her desire to see a boy cry and making him sad.  

What I like about this song there is much to like about this song, the fuzzy guitars, the pounding drums, Tara her powerful vocals, it’s just an all out jam.

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