5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out!: August 2020

August has flown by and I got 5 new bands for you to check out. Let’s dive right into it!

Forever Emerald

Forever Emerald (Photo by Alan Wheeler Ayala)

Getting their name from a google name generator, Forever Emerald is a pop rock band from SoCal, USA. Established in 2016 the band currently consists vocalist Devin Papadol, Guitarist Brodie Higgs and Bassist Tay Fischer.

The band has released one Ep Thus far “Safer Space” (2019) and toured/preformed with such artists as “College Radio” “Lonely Avenue” and “Every Other Year”

What I like about their sound is the neon pop punk vibe they give to their pop songs, loud guitars and sing along choruses seem to be the norm with this band. In a way they remind me of a mix between “We Are the In Crowd” “You and Me at Six” and “The Wonder Years

Song I recommend are “Candy”, “So Sure” and “Blame Game” 

After Aristotle

After Aristotle

After Aristotle is influenced by everything from pop punk to post hardcore and emo to shoegaze. Founded in around 2016 the Texan alternative/indie rock band currently consists of vocalist/ukulele player Kera Krause, guitarist Ethan Schrupp, Bassist Tyson Zarria and Drummer Zach Melvin.

The band has to releases behind their name thus far with eps “A Guide to Open Minds” (2018) and “Ghost to Ghost” (2019)

On the touring side of things, the band has played with the likes of artists such as “Adventurer”, “Not Ur Girlfrenz” and “The Ghost of Carolina”

What I like about their sound is the combination of soft indie, dreamy shoegaze and pop punk riffs, which shows this bands refusal to be put into a box.

Songs I recommend are “Fakes and Escapes”, “Ghostlight” and “Enjoy Your Movie” (Yeah Thanks You Too). 

Drag Me Down

Drag Me Down

As the band puts it themselves, they make Whatevercore. (wouldn’t that look nice on a shirt) The Uk Pop punk trio was founded somewhere mid 2017 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Oscar Manners, Bassist James Bowles and Drummer Tristan Gorman.

The band has quite the discography with a hand full of singles, two full albums “Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away” (2016) and “Never Be the Same Again” (2018) as well as a couple of Eps “Something Beautiful” (2017), “Are You Out There?” (2017) and “Kill Your Heroes” (2017)

The band also has opened for and toured with artists like, “WSTR”, “Haydon” and “All Better”

What I like about their sound is the “whatevercore” part of it combining pop punk hooks with guitars more on the core side of things but with the typical UK Pop Punk Energy.

Songs I Recommend are “Disappointed” “Forgive Nothing” and “Kill Your Heroes”   

Only Sibling

Only Sibling

Only Sibling is four-headed pop punk band from New York,Usa. Established in 2015 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Alex Basovskiy, guitarist Jordan Torres, bassist Damian LaRocco and drummer Alex Allen.

The Bands discography consists of one Ep “What Keeps Me up at Night” (2016), one album “Get Well Soon” (2020). And a hand full of singles.

On the touring side of things, the band has played alongside artists such as “Honeymoon”, “Persei” and “Capstan

What I like about their sound is the grunge and Emo influences that are mixed with their pop punk sound.

Songs I recommend are “Closest” “Flood” and “Corner of the Bed”

The Journey Back

The Journey Back

The Journey Back brings a mix of pop, punk, and metal. Formed in 2017 the German four-piece currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Jannik, guitarist Heiko, bassist Harvey and drummer Sandro

With one Ep “Wake Up the World” (2018) and a hand full of singles behind their name, the most recent of which “Second Chance” being release may 2020.

On the touring side of things, the band has opened and played alongside such artistes and bands as “Sorry for Escalating”, “Death by Dissonance” and “Attic Stories”

What I like about their sound is the old school pop punk vibe, in a way they feel like a mix of “Sum 41” “The Starting Line” and “Silverstein

Songs I Recommend are “Second Chance”, “Higher Ground” and “Reality”       

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