Release Radar #23

It’s time for some new bangers, let’s take a listen to this week’s release radar

The Water – Hands Like Houses

The Water – Hands Like Houses

Opening with light fuzzy guitars and rhythmic drums, the song quickly takes I down a notch on the first verse.  The chorus uses flowing vocals before flowing back into the second verse. The second verse mirrors the first verse and uses the same relaxing instrumentation. On the bridge the band switches their instrumentation to be softer and the vocals get more room to shine. The song gives a break in the form of guitars layered with effects and ends the song with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about a goodbye and how the protagonist is going back to where he belongs.

What I like about this song is the summery indie vibe I get from it, while being more unexpected from Hands Like Houses.  

Earthquake- Knuckle Puck

Earthquake- Knuckle Puck

Starting of with stuttering guitars and echoing vocals, the band slowly adds more distorted guitars and clearer vocals. The first verse features alternating vocals but slowly builds to go all out on the chorus. Following the same pattern as the first verse the second verse adds distorted guitars to the mix. Flowing back into the chorus the band ends by slowly playing the chorus softer and softer.

Lyrically the song is about a girl that gives the feeling of an Earthquake where ever she goes.

What I like about this song is the modern pop punk vibe a get from it, a nice contrast between the soft and the loud parts and a poppy chorus to sing along to.  

Size of My Heart – Sundressed

Size of My Heart – Sundressed

Opening with drippy effects and muted guitars the band suddenly kicks in with a distorted guitar and banging drums but gets back to a slower rhythm for the first verse. The vocals have an angsty quality to them. The chorus features more distorted and louder instruments supporting louder vocals. On the second verse the band follows the same style and seamlessly flows into the chorus. Changing the instrumentation on the bridge the band goes to alternate more between loud and soft before stripping down the instruments and giving the vocals their spotlight. The band opens the last chorus with a stuttering instrumentation before ending the song with a lone acoustic note.

Lyrically the song deals with memories, and how being they’re for everybody can give you a feeling of loneliness.  

What I like about this song is the angsty nature combined with the alternating loud and soft instrumentation. Furthermore, the song reminds me of bands like “Pup” and “Mayday Parade

Use Me – Pvris ft 070 Shake

Use Me – Pvris ft 070 Shake

Opening with humming beats and slow electronic beats before adding Lynn her vocals to the mix. With louder effects on the chorus, combined with effects layered on the vocals the song kicks it up a little but stays in its relaxing vibe. 070 Shake’s vocals can be heard on the second verse before the chorus comes back sung by both Lynn and 070 Shake. The song ends with a mirror of the opening of the song with a violin added to the instrumentation.

Lyrically the song talks about inviting someone to go home with the protagonist and use this person. The deep layer of course talking about being addicted to another person.

What I like about this song is the soft electronic vibe it gives and the calming but strong sound of Lynn her vocals.    

Cult- The Great Hurricane Escape

Cult- The Great Hurricane Escape

The song starts with electronic effects combined with vocal effects, kicking right in with louder guitars and whispering vocals. The first verse kicks it up even more with fast distorted guitars and loud gritty vocals. The chorus follows the same distorted guitars having two vocalists for the clean part of the song. The band puts slower instrumentation on the bridge, alternating whisper and loud vocals. The song ends with one last chorus accompanied by shredding guitars.

Lyrically the song talks about propaganda and chillingly keeps coming back to one phrase “I want to believe”

What I like about this song are the loud distorted guitars and gritty vocals.   

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