5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out: September 2021

It’s time to meet 5 new bands, let’s take a look at this month’s bands.

Bear Away

Bear Away are a melodic punk rock band from the UK, formed in early 2019 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Jacob, vocalist/guitarist Dom, bassist Lewis and Drummer James.

The band’s discography currently consists of one Ep and a handful single with their most resent release being a Split with Custody.

The band has yet to really sink their teeth into playing live as a band, but has played some shows with band such as “Misfortune Cookie”, “Pat Butcher” and “Lovebreakers”

What I like about their sound is the slight nostalgic feel I get from it, with the songs feeling to come straight from the 2010’s but still heaving a modern twist to them, which also reminds me a little of “Pup

Songs I recommend are “Old Friends”, “Parts and Labour” and “No Tricks”   


Mothica is the alter-ego of American dark pop sing and songwriter McKenzie Ellis,

Her first release under the Mothica name dates back to 2014, since then her discography has grown and currently consists of more than 30 singles, two albums and one Ep, with her latest release being the Ep “forever fifteen” (2021) 

Live she has put on shows with acts such as “Majestic Casual”, “Kailee Morgue” and “Miette Hope”

 What I like about her sound is the overall dark ambiance, its weird in a cool way, with especially haunting hooks reeling you in.   

Songs I recommend are “Buzzkill”, “Burnout” and “Blackout”  

penny bored

penny bored is the stage name of American alternative pop artist Faith Alesia Alvarez. They started releasing music under the name penny bored in 2020.

Currently their discography consists of four singles with their latest release being the single “Gemini”

With them just starting out with preforming under the “penny bored” name, there aren’t much live shows to talk about, with that being said, they did share the stage with artists like “Home For The Day”, “Duckbeak” and “House Parties”

What I like about their sound is the combination between pop punk, emo and a bubblegum pop feel, resulting in sweet songs that keep stuck in your head, which feels very reminiscent of the Neon era of pop punk.  

Songs I recommend are “Gemini”, “Emerald Green” and “Trouble”    

Back On Earth

Back On Earth are a French pop punk band, formed in 2009 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Clement, guitarist Adrien and bassist Meddie.

Their discography currently consists of three Eps and a slew of singles, with their latest release being the EP “Anybody” 

With the live circuit the band has played shows with artists such as “Turnover”, “The Almost” and “Atlas For Home”

What I like about their sound is their emotional pop punk feel, again giving me a feel of nostalgia while also feeling fresh, with their sound also including electronics they introduce hooks that just keep stuck in your head for days.

Songs I recommend are “Back Home”  “Typical” and “Your Image”   

Stage Moms

Stage moms are an American pop punk four-piece, formed in 2019 the band currently consists of vocalist Gage Vota , guitarist Grayson Prince, bassist Dahm Bobes and drummer Drew Freeman.

Currently the band has released two eps with their most recent release, being the ep “Almost Heaven…Feel Like Hell” (2021).

In terms of live performances the band has played shows with the likes of “Handguns”, “Forever Strong” and “Nowhere Fast”

What I like about their sound is how hard-hitting they are, with their sound reminding me more of 90s skatepunk but also some easycore influences on top of that their recordings have a unique DIY feel to them.  

Songs I recommend are “How I Spent the Summer”, “Sophomore Slump” and “California Cream”     

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