5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out December: 2020

It’s the last Wednesday of the year, which means the last 5 bands I think you should check out for 2020. So, once more lets dive in.



Loathe is an English Heavy Metal band. Formed in 2014 the band currently consists of vocalist Kadeem France, guitarist Erick Brickerstaffe, guitarist Connor Sweeney, bassist Feisal El-Khazragi and drummer Sean Radcliffe.

The band has released three albums and one Ep thus far, with their latest release being “I Let It in and It Took Everything” (2020)

The band also has been on the road with acts such as “Stray From The Path” “Architects” and “Hollywood Undead”

What I like about their sound is the emotional undertones the give under their music, as well as the different elements of metal they seem to be using and mixing. Giving elements of nu-metal, Metalcore and Emo.   

Songs I recommend “Loathe”, “Servant and Master” and “Two-way Mirror”



AViVA is the stage name for Aussie emo/pop singer Aviva Anastasia Payne.

Starting her carrier in 2014 she has released numerous singles with the most recent release being CURSED (2020)

With regards to touring Aviva has shared the stage with “Poppy” and “8 Graves”.

What I like about her sound is the dark but still pop sensible feeling she it gives. As well as the use of guitar and electronics. The description of Emo pop truly fits her style.

Songs I Recommend “HUSHH”, “BRN” and “RABBIT HOLE”    

Tape Toy

Tape Toy (photo by Fenna Jensma)

Tape Toy describes their music as Bubble-grunge. The Dutch foursome was formed around 2016 and currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Roos, guitarist Wesley, bassist Maurice and drummer Marc.

With seven singles behind their name the band already has show their incredible mix of influences. Their most recent release has been “Ching Ching”

In the era of touring the band has been around the Netherlands with a lengthy number of gigs. Most notably their participation in 2018s “Popronde” and a slot at “Eurosonic Noorderslag”. Furthermore, they have shared the stage with artist such as “Operation Hurricane” “Indian Askin” and “Love Couple”

What I Like about their sound are the 90 influences and fuzzy undertones, which is set off by the use of synths. Making their songs a mix of grunge, pop and good vibes.  

Songs I recommend “Dive Deeper”, “Freak Show” and “Fomo”      

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is a UK  pop punk Quartet. Established in 2018 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Callum Amies, guitarist Tom Newton, bassist Max Ellis and drummer Matt Bicker.

The band has two albums and two albums behind their name, as well as a number of single, with their most recent release being the single “Youth” (2020)

The band has a number of tours on their belt, on which they have hit the road with acts such as “Bronnie” “Like Giants” and “Forever Came Calling”  

Other achievements include a slot on 2021 Slamdunk festival.

What I like about their sound is their combination of old school pop punk sounds with modern pop and pop punk. Sonically the remind me of a combination of “Man Overboard”, “New Found Glory” and “Seaway”  

Songs I recommend are “Record Player” “She Makes Me” and “Insecure”    

Frankley Everlong

Frankley Everlong is a disco/punk trio form Sweden. The band was formed in 2009 as a punk band and currently consists of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Tommy Carlsson, bassist Nicklas Petersson and drummer Olof Måhlgren

The band has two albums behind their name thus far, with their most recent release being “Till the Dance Do Us Part” (2020)

In the era of live performance the band has mostly been active with their local club scene and is yet to break out of Sweden for their concerts.

What I Like about their sound is their combination of two contrasting sounds, dark 80s disco and punk rock. Which makes them sound like a weird combination of “Nofx” and “The Cure”  which just works.

Songs I recommend are “Endless Infinity” “A Sense of Hell-Being” and “The Day When I Met You”

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