5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out: 2021 Retrospect

With almost three years of “5 bands you think I should check out” its time to look a back at the progress some of the featured bands have made since they where featured. To keep in the spirit of 5 bands I think you should check out, if have selected 5 bands to look back at again.


Surprise I found another excuse to talk about “Bronnie” since I featured here on the first bands to check out, which consisted of 10 bands around the time and since then a lot has changed in terms of output, tours and even podcasts. Let’s look at a couple of these things.

Musical Output

When I featured “Bronnie” the first time, she had only released a handful of singles and one Ep. Since then, she has released two new eps (Dream Or Nightmare) and (Love Letters & Hate Mail)  


In the first feature I noted that her live shows are filled with energy and I wanted to see here live again, so I did, she also has announced tours with artists such as Emma Blackery and a solo tour in support of here latest ep “Love Letters & Hate Mail”


Lastly she has started a podcast, which has slowly changed into a full fletched radio shows, featuring both songs and interviews and general stories.



I featured FRND CRCL not to long ago in relation the other bands featured on this list but still some things did change since the last time they were featured.

New album

Since the last feature they have released a brand-new album “Internet Noise” which seems to ring in a new era for the band, where they settle more into their own sound and feel. 

Social media presence

With this new feel and sound also came a new social media presence for the band especially in the form of Tiktok videos, which is interesting to see how they make use of this new platform and show more of themselves in content.


The band has continued playing shows around the New York area, but unfortunately the band doesn’t seem to have any touring plans for Europe at the moment, or the near future. 


Incase We Crash

The feature of incase we crash is even shorter ago and not much has changed since then for the Canadian pop punk band but they did release some new songs, with the  latest being the single “Autumn Rain” and the band seems to be working towards more for the coming year, and I still think you should check them out.


Arrows In Action

Another band that has been featured in 2021, but even through I featured them around a year ago, there is still some news to share about them.

Musical Output

The band has released some new singles, and a new album “Be More.”

Social presence.

Arrow in action is also one of those bands that have embraced the use of Tiktok and what it has the offer, with the band regularly  going live to play acoustic songs and also uploading parts of the live shows up as videos themselves.  


Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park, was already starting the blow-up when they first where featured but have become even bigger over the past year.

New Albums

The band first released a new album “Halloween Mixtape” and signed with Epitaph records in 2021.


Last year the band has toured with scene titans “Mayday Parade


I have no doubt that this isn’t the last time we have heard from all these bands

In order to keep it brief, I’ll kept it to 5 bands but of course there are a lot more I still think you should check out, so here are some honorable mentions linking to their original feature.

Felicity, Lonely Avenue, Wave Break, Downcast, Royals, The Bottom Line, Two Year Break and Hoity-Toity

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