Rickkert Reviews: Waterparks- Greatest Hits

All right, by now we all know to expect the unexpected with “Waterparks” and especially Awsten his creative vision, “Greatest Hits” is no exception to this rule and brings wonderful weirdness like only “Waterparks” can do.

Normally this is the part where I ask a question or say something about the bands gerne, but Waterparks goes though a metamorphoses every album and their sound is a gerne on its own.

Lyrically “Greatest hits” builds on the themes of “Fandom” with Awsten dealing with the burden of fame, his own mental health and the expectations others seem to set for him. But contrasting with “Fandom” the album mostly focusses on internal thoughts.

Instrumentally the band has brought out the synths once again, but where they where more of a supporting instrument, the band has build most of the songs around them this time. Together with vocal effects and sound bites this makes the album flow by like a dream but also having a sort of dance vibe.

The band jumps between pop hits such as “Lowkey As Hell” and “Violet!” and relaxing journeys like “Snow Globe” “Just Kidding” and “Fruit Roll Ups” giving the album a messy but somehow compelling flow, telling all the stories Awesten has to say.

For me this album sometimes left me speechless and with a thought of “What the Hell” to than only go back to the track once again or keeping it stuck in my head for days.

In conclusion “Waterparks” takes you on a wonderful dream trip throughout this album and they are doing in a way that is uniquely their own, leaving you wanting more of the album with every play.

Songs of “Greatest Hits” you should check out

“Lowkey as Hell”


“You’d Be Paranoid Too (if Everyone Was Out To Get You)”

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