Release Radar #18

Its time for this week’s release radar, so let’s get into this week’s line-up Paralyzed- Girlsgirlsgirls Paralyzed- Girlsgirlsgirls Opening with a combination of guitar, drums, electronic effects and glitchy vocal effects. The song chooses more traditional instruments on the first verse together with a calming vocal flow. The chorus opens with a short effect before … Continue reading Release Radar #18

5 Bands I Think You Should Check out: March 2020

Even through there will be now show reports for a while, I'm still busy discovering new music and showing bands I think you Should Check Out Crystalline Crystalline (Photo by Division Photography Crystalline is a British alternative rock band founded in 2018 the band currently consists of vocalist Eva Mullen, guitarist/vocalist Sion Harling, guitarist Amir … Continue reading 5 Bands I Think You Should Check out: March 2020