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  • Top 15 albums of 2020 part 2/3

    Top 15 albums of 2020 part 2/3

    It’s time to pick up again and take a look at part two of my top 15 albums of 2020, let’s dive in! 6 20/20 – Knuckle Puck (released 18-9-2020) The third release by the Emo/pop punk band. “20/20” takes their flavor of pop punk to new levels. The band seems to be seeing things…

  • Release Radar #28

    Release Radar #28

    Its time to take a look at some new release, let’s quickly get into this week’s Release Radar! Guns X Money- Jason Waterfalls The song opens with a computerized voice stating the title of the song, before getting into electronic beats. The electronics of the opening contrast with the soft instrumentals and calming vocals of…

  • Release Radar #24

    Release Radar #24

    It’s time for release radar, lets see which new bangers dropped this week! Liar Liar- Happy Opening right of with the first verse accompanied by muted guitars, the song slowly adds more drum and guitar. The first chorus adds rougher vocals and heavily distorted guitar, alternating with muted guitars and softer vocals. The second verse…

  • Release Radar #20

    Release Radar #20

    This week there are some releases I have been waiting for and some that came out of the blue. What I do know is that there are way too many to just discuss 5, so this week’s Release Radar is broken up into two parts, let’s dive in on to part 1 Superstition – Andy’s…

  • Release Radar #13

    Release Radar #13

    Another week, another release radar, so let’s get to this week’s tunes.    Masquerade – Outwaves ft Osatia Opening with dreamy guitars, the song is quick to introduce fast guitars and soft vocals. Building towards the chorus electronic elements are added. On the chorus the guitars get more of an 8-bit vibe to their sound…

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