Rickkert Reviews: Frontstreet-Moving Balance

Frontstreet is back, with the band being firmly in the category local heroes for me, its about time I introduce them to you all. 

A couple of weeks ago the band released their first ep entitled “Moving Balance”. 

With the latest trend of metalcore being inspired by nu-metal its refreshing how Frontstreet dings more at these roots, giving their earlier nu-metal sound some metalcore pointers, which mostly results in thigh and heavy guitars supporting vocal flows that perfectly mix a modern grunting sound with 2000 style nu-rapping.

As said frontstreet firmly have their grip on the whole nu-metal sound but ep opener Loophole shows exactly which new sound can be expected on this ep, with every element that makes Frontstreet great being kicked right into your face.

My favorite song on the ep mirror sees the band going more on the industrial path, giving me motionless in white vibes, but still with the Frontstreet DNA at its center.

For those more attracted to the rapping in nu-metal I recommend giving F.R.E.E a spin, going with some more electronic heavy instrumentation on the verse the lyrical flows come to the forefront at the first verse and the features add to the bars on the second half of the song. This all supported by a chorus that shows how heavy the band can get.

All with all its clear that Frontstreet has evolved their sound to a new level with the release of this ep and I hope to hear more of this in the future.

Songs I recommend are 

“What Remains”




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