The Comeback: Part 3

Its time for the last part of my summer sum up.


Sueco’s opener “The Hara” was probably one of the most energetic openers I’ve seen al summer with vocalist Josh jumping from balcony, preforming on top of the bar and going all out with surfing the crowd. Sueco match the openers energy by kicking his set of loudly, jumping into moshpits and allowing audience members to get up on stage and take polaroid pictures of him, the band and the crowd.

As Everything Unfolds

With local opener a “Raven Called Sin” being a lot louder than the more melodic tones of AEU themselves, the concert started with some slow moshing and warm up for the crowd. The hyperactive nature of AEU’s Charlie jumping around on stage, combined with some simple but effective light antics made the small stage feel ten times bigger and gave the relatively small crowd a full concert experience.


The goodbye show of Roam had openers “All Caps” and “Happydaze”. “All Caps” performance was short and filled with banter, while “Happydaze” brought the same energy as they did when opening for “Neck Deep”. Roam themselves took their time to say goodbyes and discussing memories of the band from the past decade. The songs they played also reflected their ten years as a band, with the band giving it on last hooray on every song and in the end joining the crowd with crowd surfing and moshing. 

Blood Command

Blood Command played the smallest stage Melkweg has, without support or other acts on the bill, the band brought their own strength to the forefront and turned the venue on its head, especially with the antics of vocalist Nikki Brumen which made for a crazy but awesome stage presence.

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