Against The Current: Team Effort

New Show report and this one about a show is stacked with a bunch of bands I’ve wanted to see for a while. So lets dive in!


Halflives is an Italian pop punk/alternative rock band. Established in 2016 the band currently consists of vocalist Linda Battilani, with live support from bassist Oscar Scantamburlo and drummer Fede Bernardi.

Their set was the on I was most excited for, and as such was way to short for my taste. But the band made more than up for their short set, with their stage presence and energy.

Their setlist included songs like “Fugitive”, “Valkyrie” and “Rockstar Everyday”    

Against The Current

Against the Current are a pop punk inspired pop rock band from Poughkeepsie, New York founded in 2011 the band consists of Vocalist Chrissy Constanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri.

Against the Current set had more of a rocky start, with the band having to cut the first song short due to Chrissy having some trouble with her voice. This was followed by a short recess during which the remaining band members entertained to crowd with some karaoke time playing songs by “Oasis”, “Lit”, “Fountain of Wayne” and “Fall Out Boy”

After this recess the band took up the pace with songs like “Running with Wild Things”, “Talk” and lastly “Wasteland” being mostly sung by the crowd to help Chrissy Spare her voice.

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