Show Reports: Orla Gartland

It’s time for a new show report, this time with an artist that hasn’t been featured in length on the blog before “Orla Gartland” but as always will start with the support act, which falls on the other side of the spectrum, being more than familiar on the blog “Pom”


Pom is a Fuzzpop band from the Netherlands. Formed around 2018, their line-up currently consists of vocalist Liza, guitarist Luc, guitarist Joy, bassist Michael and drummer Justin.

Poms set was energic as always, helped by an equally as energetic crowd. Showing the band being fully in their element during their short set. They again played one of my favorite songs “Down The Rabbit Hole” and did more than just warm up the crowd, judging by the overwhelming applause they got when leaving the stage.

Orla Gartland

Orla is an Irish singer-songwriter. She started her musical career around 2007 by uploading covers to YouTube, with her first ep (Lonely People) being released in 2015. She really started to pickup steam with the release of her second Ep (Why Am I Like This?) in 2019, which was followed by her debut album “Woman on the Internet” 

She also has been active in the live circuited, sharing the stage with acts such as “Dodie” and “Cavetown”

Orla jumped the stage with even more energy than openers “Pom”, and encouraged by the crowds thunders applause she went through songs “Pretending” “things That I’ve Learned”, “Oh GOD and “You’re Not Special, Babe”

Other highpoints of the show included Orla introducing the band, Glow sticks being thrown into the crowd.

She also took things a little slower, by playing some songs behind her piano and my personal favorite point, her song medley halfway through “I Go Crazy” including parts of songs such as “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper and a slew of other pop artist.

Lastly she played “Zombie” before leaving the stage under ear deafening applause.    

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