Rickkerts TV Thoughts: Moon Knight EP 1 – The Goldfish Problem

The first episode of marvels Moon Knight has dropped and with it, its time for the first installment of TV Thoughts, where I share my thoughts on a couple of series I follow every week.

So The first episode of Moon Knight. The first episode was just the right amount of ambiguous. While Oscar Isaac’s as Steven Grant looks confused by everything that is happening to him. You can feel with him as the show is cut to also have scenes “Missing” when there is a gap in his memory.

That being said it makes the episode moving fast and hard to follow when it comes to story telling, with the plot gaining some momentum at the end with the introduction of the villain Arthur Harrow, who mixes charm with a cult leader attitude and keeps things in the Egyptian pantheon with his dedication to Ammit.

With the band being set in London and some part taking place with the London Museum I expected some nodes to the eternals movies. At the moment it’s hard to see how this show will fit in with the MCU at large, but it is interesting to see them bringing these more obscure characters to live.   

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