Show Reports: Saying Goodbye To The Spvrk

The Spvrk @Mezz 26-3-2022

After 8 years, The Spvrk is calling it quits, and that means one last goodbye show in their home town of Breda. But first lets take a look at their support.

Snow Coats is an indie-folkband from the Netherlands.  Established around 2017, the bands current line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Anouk van de Kemp, guitarist Daan Ebbers, bassist Frank Peters and drummer Joost Ebbers.

Snow Coats @Mezz 26-3-2022

Their 45 minute set was a dreamy indie pop was perfect to warm up the crowd. The indie tunes truly had the room swinging in no time. Songs they played include “Anyway”, “Navy Blue” and my personal favorite “Pool Girl”  

I definitely recommend to see them live if you got the chance.   

The Spvrk are a Dutch pop punk band. Formed in 2014 the band currently consists of vocalist/bassist Hannah Versteegen, vocalist/guitarist Rinus van de Weerd and drummer Roos Dukker.

The Spvrk @Mezz 26-3-2022

On to the main event, unfortunately the last time for “The Spvrk”. Their set revolved around this them of closure and reminiscing on their early years, such as their inception in high school, writing songs in detention.

Playing their first shows and their old songs (whoms aren’t available on Spotify) with the band returning to their original formation with Lotte on vocals and Wout playing guitar. Such as “The Spark in your eyes”

But between all the nostalgia the band also made time to play their other songs such as “Date Planner”, the emotional “549” and my personal favorite “Into the Cold”

The funnily and endearing, the crowd demanded an encore when the band played their last song, but as the band put it, the didn’t have any songs to play anymore. What to do? Play on song that got the crowd the most hyped again of course.

And with that their last show ended, I will be missing them, but surly will find an excuse to feature them again, and hopefully some new projects.

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