5 Twitch Streamers You Should Check Out!

Twitch is on of those platforms that you have to like. For me its perfect to watch some streams in the background while creating.  With me looking at 5 artist that stream on Twitch, I might as well take a look at 5 Twitch streamers I think you should check out.


Justloliehh or Lola is a Dutch streamer, that streams in English and plays games such as Valorant, Apex Legends and Ark Survival, for which she invites viewers to play along from time to time. But for me the foremost reason to tune in to her streams, are the consistent jokes and memes thrown around by here, mostly aimed at the stereotype of Twitch streamers. With her streaming almost every day, there is always a moment to join in and have a laugh.

Legend of Kanto

Legend of Kanto or Lucas is a British Youtuber and Twitch streamer, whom I discovered through his gaming videos and streaming sessions with Karl Smallwood.

While he mostly streams together with Karl, his inside jokes, mostly while playing Nintendo games, shows his passion for gaming and Nintendo, making his stream Niche but a blast to tune into if you like Nintendo stuff, or just want to know more about it.

Another passion of Lucas is destiny, a game I have never grasped so watching him play it is a blast. With him streaming around 3 times a week there always is a moment to tune in and just see which stories he has to tell while playing some classic games.  



If doing things the hard way was a twitch category DezzNytes/ Dennis would surly be at the top of it, with most of his streams consisting of him doing various challenges in games, randomizing them, doing a special run or trying to speedrun games on the hardest difficulty.

As a result of all these masochistic tendencies, his streams are also filled with sarcasm, cursing and the occasional rage quit, which is done in a joking matter. So if you want to see a streamer struggle uphill DezzNytes is the streamer for you.

Anne Powz

Anne is one of the streamers on this list that I don’t watch tune into that much but still hangout on a regular basis, with her playing a range of games, while dealing out some witty comments it’s still fun to watch her from time to time.


Jess sets herself apart by consisting mostly being in the just chatting category with her mostly chatting with viewers, playing music and having guests over, she surly sets herself apart from other streamers, which makes it just the more fun to hangout in her chats, but this also means that you mostly have to be there live!


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