Rickkert Reviews: Belmont-Aftermath

With a gap of almost four years since their debut album, “Belmont” are back and more experimental than ever, but was it worth the wait and how do these experiments pan-out?

The lets start with some song that still has the “Belmont” DNA, such as the single “Parasitic” opening with heavy but more riff heavy guitars, the vocals still have the same aggression behind them as older Belmont song, but the band has added a clear nu-metal influence to this, which is especially notable on the bridge, filled with record scratching.

On to the second single released for the album “Bowser’s Castle”, which firstly is a reference to the Mario games, but is also used as a metaphor, with the lyrics referencing to doing something pointless and being desperate. Sonically the song shows more of the experimental instrumentation, or better said the incorporation of electronic elements into the “Belmont” sound

The single “Pain Now” feels like the band has fully embraced their nu-metal influences, with crunchy guitars, pounding drums, screaming vocals and Rap vocals alternating with each other, making the song going into a new direction for “Belmont”

Last of the singles “What I Lack” reels in the experimental side a little, The song still features a slew of electronics but at the base of it is still just a heavy pop punk song, which lyrically is searching for the faults in the protagonist.

Amongst the deep cuts that stand out is the song “Country Girl”. Which is described as a meme in song form by vocalist “Taz Johnson”, as expected the song does include some “Country” influences, as well as some emo rap and of course pop punk, Lyrically the song is basically an ode to the country girl, making it squarely a song for the modern Y’Alternative crowd, it even got a banjo on the bridge.

The second half of the album surly got the most experimental songs combining swancore with pop punk on “Top Gun (From the Top)” going all out emo trap on the banger that is “4am// Disappear” and a return to the heavy! With songs such as “Never Found” and “Guilt Trip”. That leaves album closer “Advanced Darkness” to get the grove on for one last time.

“Aftermath” shows a clear progression from “Belmont’s” earlier sound. While not every experiment was a hit from me, the album shows a phenomenal ability to mix a slew of influences.

With so many types of songs on one album it’s a mystery where “Belmont” takes it next.

Songs of “Aftermath” you should check out


“4am //Disappear”

“Advanced Darkness”

Belmont recently had a van accident, nobody got hurt but they can use all the help they can get. If you can check out this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-belmont-recover-from-van-accident                                                                                                 

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