Release Radar #97

Its time once again to take a look at a 5 new releases!

Blood on her Prada – Daniel Brooke

Opening with a synth, the song quickly adds distorted guitars and electronic drums into the mix. The grunting vocals are added at the first verse. Going with some more effects and screaming vocals, the chorus ties things together. With a changing instrumentation the song adds a breakdown, which takes you right back to the 2000s and ends with only instrumental effects.

Lyrically the song talks about fame and trying to make it in a harsh world.

What I like about this song is the mix of elements, from the synths to the breakdown , the song seems to use a slew of influences.

Shaking Your Mind- Bearings

Kicking of with a lone distorted guitar, the song quickly adds pounding drums and powerful vocals to the mix. The chorus kicks in quickly with the drums and guitar becoming rhythmic. Introducing the second verse is a change of instrumentation and vocals whom are mixed between spoken and sung. The next chorus comes by, which is lengthened throughout the bridge, with the song playing itself out instrumentally.   

Lyrically the song is about love and shaking up al the memories that are lined to the one you love.

What I like about this song is its upbeat pop punk sound and its lyrical hook on the chorus.

Matilda- Pup

Starting of with upbeat distorted guitar, the vocals are quickly added, the song hits some high notes, before getting the fuzz and melancholy out on the chorus. The second verse repeats the songs opening but changes its vocal parts and lengthens them before the next chorus kicks in. The bridge uses guitar effects and feedback to create some unique sounds. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song is about an old guitar, which has been collecting dust, instead of being used.

What I like about this song is the melancholy but also optimistic feel, which is typical for pups sound.

Hair Out – Stand Atlantic

Opening with a soundbite, the song quickly adds vocals and guitar to the mix, as well as some electronic beats, flowing the first verse, The chorus takes things a little louder, before starting the second verse with a new soundbite. The chorus comes around faster and introduces more instruments, The bridge consists of another soundbite and acoustic guitar. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about self-improvement and cutting out those who try to keep you down.

What I like about this song is the use of soundbites throughout, which gives the song a unique almost live recorded feeling.

Someplace safer – Downcast

Kicking of with distorted guitars and pounding drums, the song’s vocals have a row emotional tone behind them. The chorus dials things down a notch, going in a more emo direction. The second verse flows with the next chorus introducing more instruments into the mix, and lengthen on the bridge. Another chorus rolls by, upping the songs tempo once more. The song is ending with one lone guitar that continues playing.    

Lyrically the song talks about seeing those you love digging themselves into more trouble and feeling powerless to stop it.  

What I like about this song is the emotional feeling of the instruments, melting together with the vocals.  

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