Show Report:The Unfamiliar and the Familiar

It’s time for a new show report, with one new and one familiar band, this time we start out with the unfamiliar band Coolyard

Coolyard is mostly an instrumental band, with a focus on the sounds of Funk, Rock, Jazz, R&B and Soul. The band formed in December 2020 and was intended as a school-assignment, for the five music-students. The band currently consists of guitarist Chiquinho, guitarist Ivar, bassist Elkana, drummer Rob and keyboardist/synth player Job.

The band has currently released one single.

Their instrumental set was on more on the swinging side of music, but they their best to have the crowed moving in their seats. With the songs bringing instrumental they did melt into on another.

And now the familiar with Pom

Pom is a Dutch Fuzzypop band formed somewhere before 2018, the band currently consists of vocalist Liza, guitarist Luc, guitarist joy bassist Michael and drummer Justin. 

Their discography currently consists of one Ep and a handful of singles.

Pom kicked it up as high as they could in the seated setting, bringing their catchy fuzz with as much energy as possible. Their set also included their latest single Piglet, and my own favorite song “Down The Rabbit Hole”. I stated it before, but “Pom” is on of those bands that just dominate the stage as soon as they take it.

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