Rickkert Reviews: Fluorescents-Ultraviolet

Fluorescents is one of those bands whose name I’ve seen going around and heard a couple of songs, but didn’t see an Ep or album come by, well until now, it’s short but it’s an EP and I think it’s high time to take a better look at this band’s output.

The five song ep is short, but does show what the band’s got, with tracks “Locked Away” and “Best Years” giving me a 2010 pop punk vibe, with some modern tweaking, it’s clear that this band has chosen their sound and direction.

Lyrically the songs are about depression, heartbreak and the road to getting better. Which also is brought into the context of touring life and the experiences it brings.

My favorite song of the album “Autopilot” has a quick pop hook to it and feels a lot more upbeat in its subject matter, with the song being about just going with the moment. In terms of instrumentals the song feels straight out of the 2000’s, with a chorus that’s just an earworm.

The band also shows some other influences, with song “Burnout” which has a heavier edge and as a result has the feel of a “Settle Your Scores” song. Lyrically the song fits its heavier and faster lyrics, being a ray of positivity and challenging doubt.

Closing the EP is the song “Caught Up” which brings back that neon pop punk vibe, but with some more edge. Lyrically the song keeps with the themes about love and fits with opener “Locked Away” but seems to deal with the heartbreak in a healthier way.

The band doesn’t break any new ground with their material, but it does mix their influences into a catchy songs with some raw emotion and if they can do this with an EP, I would like to see them take on an album.

Songs of “Ultraviolet” You should check out


“Caught Up”       

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