Rickkert Reviews: Like Pacific- Control My Sanity

With their latest release being from 2018, it felt like some time ago since we heard something from “Like Pacific” but the band is finally back, which I’m more than excited about. So, lets take a look at the bands newest album “Control My Sanity”

The album kicks of with the one-two punch of “Ketamine Jesus” and “Love Them and Leave Them” which both give me the classic “Like Pacific” feel, powerful vocals, pounding drums and a hook that reels you in.

Lyrically the first two songs also overlap in subject matter, focusing on love and substance abuse to fill that emptiness.

Title track “Control My Sanity” keeps the fast-paced pop punk going and also keeps with the subject matter, but from another side. The song focuses on lies within a relationship and dealing with the emptiness that comes from heartbreak. Furthermore, the song has a big focus on mental health and depression.

Keeping with the upbeat parade of sadness is “Hollow Tears”, the emotion can really be felt on the vocals on this one, but the song also takes things even louder on the chorus.

After all the anger and sadness, the band seems to goes into another direction by being self-reflective and having a softer instrumentation. I mostly like the vocal style on this song.

The band comes back with their louder sound on both “Catch Your Eye” and “Adored” like most songs on the album this one focuses on relationships and being left behind.

Lastly there are tracks “Fail to Speak”, “Rest In the Dirt” and album closer “Time Won’t Heal” with “Rest In the Dirt” being a call for help while that other songs stay on the heartbreak side of the album themes.

“Time won’t heal” is hauntedly and reminds me of an old school emo song in some way, lyrically it deals with the dread of trying to stay together, but being mentally tired.

In terms of instrumentation the albums sounds exactly as you expect from a “Like Pacific” album, with some post-hardcore influences scattered around. Lyrically the album paints a haunting picture of falling into mental issues and substance abuse when love falls apart and both the anger and loss of sanity it can result in, not a new subject for pop punk or emo bands, but explored in a beautiful way, I consider the album worth the wait.

Songs of “Control My Sanity” you should check out”

“Love Them and Leave Them”

“Catch Your Eye”

“Time Won’t Heal”   

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