Release Radar #91

Its time to check out some new releases again, lets take a look at this weeks line-up

I’ll Give You The Stars – Magnolia Park ft fats’e & TITUS

Starting of with slow guitars and Joshua’s vocals, the song adds more vocals flowing with the instrumentation which consists of both guitars and beats. The chorus takes the beats to the forefront and introduces some powerful vocals. The second verse follows the same pattern as the first working towards the chorus. The chorus lengthens into the bridge, returning the regular chorus for one last time at the end.

Lyrically the song is basically a love song.

What I like about this song is the combination of influences that are mixed on the song.  

Parasitic – Belmont

Opening with heavy and distorted guitars, the vocals are quickly added as well as some beats. The song quickly moves forward into the second part of the verse and the chorus. Keeping both speed and a grunted vocal style the song kicks into the second verse, before going back to the chorus. The bridge consists of some record scratching and ambient beats. The song features one last chorus before ending with the ambient beats again.

Lyrically the protagonist reflects on their past and their flaws.

What I like about this song are the heavier guitar and vocals as well as the 2000s throwback with the record scratches.  

Time And A Half – Ok Cool

Kicking right of with dreamy guitars and soft vocals, the slow emotional feel of the song goes forward until the chorus which features more upbeat guitars. The second verse keeps with the dreamy feel as the first, getting the vocals into a louder range. The song ends abruptly after these louder vocals.

Lyrically the protagonist talks about loosing sense of time and the complexities of feelings they go through.

What I like about this song is how it’s upbeat nature and feeling in the music seems to class with its lyrical content.   

Low Budget Horror- RedHook

Opening with inaudible voices before introducing pounding drums and distorted guitars, before introducing erratic vocals into the mix. Going into a more bubblegum tone on the chorus, the instrumentation keeps its chops. The second verse keeps with the erratic vocal style, going back to the chorus once again. The bridge uses stuttering vocal effects, before having a drum and effects filled breakdown. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about mental health issues, psychotic tendencies and the protagonists desire to make thing right, with reverences to horror thrown in of course.  

What I like about this song is the fast and heavy instrumentation as well as the erratic vocals style.

If he wanted to, he would – In The Mourning

Starting of with a lone distorted guitar, the vocals are introduced next, giving the verse a more striped feeling. This is changed on the chorus, where the guitars get more distortion added, the drums are added and the vocals get more powerful. The second verse mixes the slow vibe of the verse with the power of the chorus, from here the song flows into the bridge consisting of soloing guitars, The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about a troubled relationship and the protagonists struggles with feeling.

What I like about this song are the warm vocals, that perfectly alternate between soft and powerful.

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