5 artist that stream on Twitch!

Twitch has become more and more popular over the last couple of years, which means its no longer a place only populated by Gamers and ASMRists, instead more artist have found their way to the streaming service, and while some are just playing their music or chatting with fans, what about those artist that just stream games? Let’s take a look at 5 of them.

Chrissy Constanza

We all know Chrissy as the lead singer of Against The Current, but with the bands roots being set in YouTube and the internet in general, it’s no surprise that Chrissy has decided to also stream some games on Twitch.  

Chrissy streams semi- regular with content ranging from her playing games mostly  Teamfight Tactics, but she also has played games like Valorant and Overwatch, besides gaming, she also has watch parties for ATC’s music and even is a host on the Venn Twitch Channel.

On one of her latest streams, she even build a Lego deathstar live on stream. So, you can now even chill online with your favorite artists.

Lesley Klaverdijk

Lesley is the bassist of Dutch pop punk band but this is far from his only occupation, but for this list we will focus on his Twitch streaming, one of his favorite extra projects which even earned him a place in Bethesda  Benelux next streamer contest, which he won.

Lesley streams the most regular of all streamers featured on this list, but this is sometimes Dutch and sometimes English spoken.

There is a slew of games featured on his channel, from fallout to Among Us, with the mainstay game being sea of thief’s. Lesley also has a system in place where viewers collect points making them eligible to request a game for Lesley to play.

Lesley is by far one of my favorite streamers on this list and the one I watch most regularly, so I highly recommend checking him out. (does this also give me points Lesley?)  

Cory Castro

Cory is the lead singer and guitarist of pop punk/Emo band “Free Throw” and as he puts it himself when he’s not gaming hard as hell.

And it’s that gaming hard as hell that is featured on his Twitch Channel, while his stream schedule is erratic at best, he does stream a variety of games, which include but are not limited to COD: Vanguard, Escape from Tarkov, Elite: Dangerous. But  besides games he also takes the time to just chat.

I watch his stuff on and off, but from what I have seen it’s a great time.  

Vincent Bennett (Vinny Benny)

Is mostly known as the vocalist for “The Acacia Strain” but he also streams his casual gaming on Twitch.

His streaming schedule is solid but the types of streams could latterly be everything, movies, games or just chatting with games being things like “Carrot Crazy” and Metroid: Zero Mission.

His regular schedule makes his streams the perfect place to hang out after a day of work, with the surprise of what it will be about keeping things fresh.    

Geoff Wigington

Geoff is best know as the guitarist of “Waterparks” but when the band was stuck add home he decided to take to twitch, to play some games and hang out with fans.

The games he plays also where al little more on the casual site, with games like Minecraft and Mario cart being featured on the streams.

He also spends a lot of time just chatting with fans, but it has been sometime since he has streamed, with that being said if he returns I’m sure it will be a great time once again.

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