Release Radar #90

It’s time for an all new release radar, let’s take a look at this weeks line-up.

Wildfire- Against The Current

Opening with the sound of an alarm clock, Chrissy her vocals are quickly added together with drums, the second part of the verse also introduces guitars, before the chorus is introduced. The second verse keeps the guitars and drums on the instrumentation. slowly building back to the chorus. Going almost fully instrumental on the bridge, the song ends with one last chorus on which Chrissy shows off her full vocal range.

Lyrically the song can be interpreted in a couple of different ways, but given the fact that it’s made for “League of legends”, lets go with the perseverance as theme for the song.

Extra fact: There also is a version of the song that features announcers of LEC, but I prefer the ATC only version.       

What I like about this song is the poppy feel, that is mixed with the fire and versatility of “Against The Current” making things just a little louder and energetic.  

Body Language – Mint Green

Starting of with a lone guitar and a warm background tone, layered vocals are introduced, before the instrumentation goes with guitars and the vocals stop being layered. Which brings more energy on the chorus, contrasting with the softer verses. The second verse returns to the softness, going a little louder on the second chorus. The Layered vocals return on the bridge, and some emotional high screams are introduced. The song ends with an instrumental section slowly fading out.

Lyrically the song talks about heartbreak and self-doubt.

What I like about this song are mostly the energetic parts and the emotional high screams at the end.   

PITY PARTY- Stand Atlantic ft Royal & The Serpent.

Starting with some sound effects, before introducing Bonnie her vocals, together with some guitars. The chorus takes thing louder, with pounding drums, heavier guitars and Bonnie’s vocals getting louder. The second verse features vocals from “Royal & The Serpent” which have a little different flow to them, mixing with Bonnie her vocals before introducing the chorus again. The bridge features some more vocal effects, the last chorus is introduced.

Lyrically the song is about living with fake people and their so called pity parties.

What I like about this song is the louder side, in contrast to earlier “Stand Atlantic” work the seem the become heavier and angrier on their songs. 

Gone – Suitable miss

Opening with stuttering guitars, the song slowly introduces all it’s instruments on the intro. The vocals are added last, with a change in the instrumentation following. The instrumentation keeps flowing with the verse, slowly kicking up on the chorus. Going with the same blueprint, the second verse is introduced, quickly followed by the chorus. The bridge gives the instruments their moment again, feeling like a breakdown in terms of drums and guitar. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the protagonist of the song talks about being gone from someone’s life and them needing the life with the memories.

What I like about this song is mostly the instrumentation, which give it a retro-pop punk vibe.

Backseat Boyfriend – Cayley Spivey

Starting of with slow guitar and low bass, Cayley their vocals are quickly introduced. The chorus takes thing a little louder, but doesn’t add more instruments. The second verse continues the dreamy feeling flowing right back into the chorus. The bridge consists of instrumentals, with some ad lips thrown in. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song invites someone to run away with the protagonist.

What I like about this song is it’s calming feeling and minimum instrumentation which gives Cayley their voice the mainstage.

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