Rickkert Reviews: Heart Attack Man – Thoughtz & Prayerz

“Heart Attack Man” is one of those bands that just seems to come out of nowhere and seems to take the scene in just on night, and this release has given me the first opportunity to dive into their material on a deeper level.

“Thoughtz & Prayerz” consists of only five songs, which show the diversity the band has the offer and overall the melancholy and hectic nature of the band.

Kicking of with alt-rock and punk feeling “Puke” the band already shows their louder side, while also mixing their influences in the grunge feeling vocal delivery on the song. Lyrically the song revolves around the thoughts of the protagonist and his opinion about someone, which most likely is metaphorically inclined to be a comment on our social state as a whole.

This social commentary is re-enforced by hectic and sludgy “Thoughtz & Prayerz” which takes am at the world of social media and the fake sympathy that is shown on it. With the well known reaction Thoughts & prayers being singled out as the most hypocritical reaction and a symbol of this behavior.

Halfway on the Ep the bands anger has yet to die down, with “Cool 2 Me” mocking and showing distaste with online hypocrites and apologists/ defenders of accused, which everybody that has been active on twitter has seen at least once.

My two favorite songs on the Ep “Pitch Black” and “Leap Year” switch gears both in their instrumental feel and their subject matter, with these songs focusing on the protagonists’ struggles with mental health.

The ep as a whole shows a clear commentary on the phenomenon that have surfaced in a world that has become more and more digital, from social issues to the toll it takes on once mental health. Not ground breaking as a subject but still set to an awesome sound track and a solid reason to dive further into this band.

Songs of “Thoughts & Prayerz” you should check out


“Pitch Black”

“Leap Year”           

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