Top 15 albums (and Eps) of 2021: Part 3/3

On the last day of the year, its time for the last part of my top 15 albums (and Eps) of 2021.

As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other

The debut album by the UK metalcore/post-hardcore band on which they set out to show what they got to bring to the scene. 

The band mixes electronics, electric guitars, haunting vocals and lyrics that focus on emotional strife such as self-doubt and depression. Which is made even better because of Charlie her vocal delivery, going from hauntingly soft to hypnotizing to loud and powerful.

This album hits all of the right notes for me and still makes me curious to what the future brings for “As Everything Unfolds”

you can read my full review on this album “Here

My favorite song of the album is still “On The Inside”

Royals – A Spark To Ignite

“A Spark to Ignite” is the second ep by UK pop punk band Royals and is filled with energy, which is a theme going throughout the album.

The short ep consists of some pop hooks, fast guitars and heartfelt lyrics, as I already stated in my full review, nothing new in the world of pop punk, but executed perfectly

The album feels current in its subject mater revolving around the world falling apart as well as the feeling of friends and lovers going away or growing apart.

My favorite song of this ep at the moment is “Jaded”  

Windup Space – Endless Sky

Endless Sky is one of the shorter Ep’s on this list with a track list consisting of only four songs, but this is a typical case of quality over quantity, starting with it heartfelt “Wide-eyed” which features ambient instruments and raw emotional vocals, to the hook that reals you in on “Scared Enough” going to the lengthy and more artistic “The Words, which keeps surprising you with its layers. Ending with the climax of “Born” taking this to the slower side and bringing forward the raspy side of the band.    

Mayday Parade – What It Means To Fall Apart

Mayday Parade is still one of my favorite bands from back in the day, and they really hit home with “What It Means To Fall Apart” it’s typical Mayday Parade but still gives some fresh takes on their signature sound.

From the familiar feeling tones of “Kids of Summer” to the acoustic driven songs  “Think of You” and “One For The rocks And One For The Scary. Which al have a slight nostalgic tone to them, there are also songs such as “Bad At Love” that give a twist to the classic sound.

As well as some darker tones on “I’Cant Do This Anymore” so call it nostalgia, but I think “Mayday Parade” shows that they still got it.

My favorite song of this album was “If My Ghost Don’t Play, I Don’t Play”    

Between You and Me – Armageddon

This one was long awaited for me after the excellent pop punk the band showed on their debut “Everything Is Temporary” and I expected nothing less for their second album. In 2021, they finally delivered with “Armageddon”

Their sad boy attitude has made place for pop hooks and a summer feeling which can best be felt on songs such as “Deadbeat” and “Butterflies”, the album also has them experimenting with a more synth driven sound, which gives it a different feeling.

“Real World” delivers another break with the piano on the opening, alternating with heavier guitars.

Lyrically the band explores troubles of the past and the experience of living in the current world.

The song that still feels the loudest is “Go To Hell” on which they enlist the help of “Yours Truly”

The as a whole feels like a solid second album, where the band isn’t afraid to experiment and go into new territory with the feel of their songs.

My favorite of this album was “Go To Hell”

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